BenQ XL2411Z Review: Best 144Hz Entry-Level Gaming Monitor?

BenQ XL2411Z


Refresh Rate








Power Consumption



  • Nvidia 3D Ready
  • Motion Blur Reduction
  • 1ms Response Time
  • Zero Flicker Technology
  • FPS Mode


  • No Display Port
  • No Inbuilt Speakers

In the monitor business segment, BenQ is one of the most popular brands that are in the industry for a quite long time. However, BenQ does not have a large number of customers for their products comparing to the other manufacturers in the market.

But the good thing about BenQ is that they offer great specifications at a reasonable price and it seems enough worthy. Just in case if you are thinking what is so special about the BenQ products? Then today we will be talking about the BenQ XL2411Z.

Also in this piece of article, we will be talking why you should think about purchasing the BenQ XL2411Z monitor.  Continue to read on and we will be sharing our BenQ XL2411Z Review, and share our opinions. So you can make a better decision about purchasing the monitor. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time.

The monitor is absolutely targeted at the people who do not want to spend much of the money on a monitor. Or people who are looking to upgrade from a normal computer monitor to a gaming monitor. The BenQ XL2411Z is absolutely a perfect gaming 144hz monitor, but is the monitor perfect in the business?

Well, we have to find that out. So as we go with our BenQ XL2411Z Review we will be talking about its design, performance as well we will be mentioning some of the pros & cons of the BenQ XL2411Z.

However, there is one thing that you should know about BenQ XL2411Z monitor, i.e. the monitor is a rebranded product.  The original product is the BenQ Zowie XL2411.

The only difference that both of the device sports is the weight. The BenQ XL2411Z gaming monitor is lightweight, apart from the weight, there are no other innovations that we have found while our BenQ XL2411Z Review session.

However, it should not be considered as a negative point on the monitor instead it is a good thing. It is just that the company did not put much of their effort to offer the customers a new market. They just decreased the weight.  In simple words, the monitor lacks new innovations, apart from that it is a good entry level monitor you can have.

BenQ XL2411Z Review – Best 144Hz Entry-Level Gaming Monitor?

The good thing we have found that the monitor is priced at the entry level gaming monitors. But still, it offers a great refresh rate and smooth picture quality. As the BenQ XL2411Z monitor comes with the anti-blur technology under the hood.

BenQ XL2411Z

Many gamers have preferred this monitor as their ideal choice for gaming. Also, it is best for such computer users who do not want to spend much of their money just to experience a 144hz monitor. However to give you a better overview about the BenQ XL2411Z here are some of the points you must check out.


Screen Size24 Inches
Resolution1920 x 1080 (Full-HD)
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time1 ms
Refresh Rate144Hz
Display TypeLED-Backlit LCD
Panel TypeTN
3D ReadyNvidia 3D Ready
Contrast Ratio1000:1‎
Brightness350 nits
Viewing Angles170 Horizontal
160 Vertical
Screen CoatingNone
Adaptive-Sync TechnologyNone
Display AdjustmentsHeight Adjustments (130mm)
Tilt (-5/20)
Swivel (45 left/right)
Connectivity1 x DVI-DL
1 x D-Sub
1 x HDMI
1 x Audio OUT
Wall MountVESA (100mm)
Power Consumption36W
Dimensions16.96" x 22.44" x 8.76" (With Wall Mount)
13.66" x 22.44" x 2.48" (Without Wall Mount)
Weight6 kg
Warranty3 Years

Starting with the monitor specifications at first, the BenQ XL2411Z  gaming monitor comes with a 16:09 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1930 x 1080 pixels. It also comes with a viewing angle of 170 degrees by 160 degrees and has 16.7 million‎ ‎display colors.

Talking about the monitor’s special feature, the BenQ XL2411Z comes with the Dynamic Power Saving and Reddish, Normal, Bluish, and User mode‎ color temperature options. Apart from the color temperature options, you are also getting a wall mount option on the rear panel of the Monitor and it is absolutely Nvidia 3D ready.

The BenQ XL2411Z is a LED monitor and comes with 1ms response time for smooth gaming experience. That is quite fast compared to the other monitors in this Price segment. However to make you understand better about the BenQ XL2411Z’s specifications here is a list of all the specifications:

  • LCD Size: 24 inch.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Display Colors: 16.7 Million
  • Response Time: 1 ms
  • Backlit: LED
  • 3D: Nvidia 3D
  • Dynamic Power Saving: Yes
  • HDCP: Yes
  • AMA: Yes


Coming to the design of the monitor, well the BenQ XL2411Z sports a simple design. The company did not work much on the design. However, it still manages to give us a stylish look.

BenQ XL2411Z


The border over the display is quite thin. You can see the monitor buttons placed at the bottom right. The buttons are easy to press, you do not have to struggle much to use the monitor buttons.

Apart from this, there is no such thing that we could mention over here. Overall the monitor looks okay when it comes to design. You will not get amazed also you will not get much disappointed.

Connectivity Options

Talking about the connectivity options, there is no such thing to mention. As a computer monitor the BenQ XL2411Z sports all the basic connectivity options such as HDMI, DVI-DL and D-sub ports. However, the BenQ XL2411Z gaming monitor does not offer a DisplayPort connection and that can be a pain in the ass for many gamers out there.

BenQ XL2411Z Back

Although at the end it all depends on your need, if you do not need a DisplayPort connection then you are good to go with the BenQ XL2411Z gaming monitor. Just in case if you want the DisplayPort connection port then the monitor is not the ideal option for you.


Talking about the performance, let me tell you as an entry level gaming monitor is awesome. It gives life to the picture. Even there are quite a lot of gaming monitors in this price segment but it is absolutely better than them. The low response time offers a smooth gaming experience.

It helps the gamers to look at the darker things on the monitor. Like you do not have to struggle to find a darker thing in a game, the screen is quite bright and you will spot the darker element easily. Also, the monitor is quite easy to move around, as it comes with a great viewing angle. You can also place the monitor in a horizontal way. However, to do so you better follow the user manuals shared with the Monitor box.


Talking about the features the monitor comes with motion blur reduction mode for extra clarity throughout the game. The Motion Blur Reduction technology by BenQ helps offers ultra smooth, blur-free gaming experience.

The blur reduction mode actually helps in the action-packed FPS games where every millisecond counts. With the mode, the gamers do not have to suffer from time and gaming comfort that causes because of poor vision quality.

The monitor also comes with low blue light just to protect the eyes of the gamers. With the adjusting blue light feature, the gamers can adjust their viewing comfort. The gamers do not have to purchase a yellow glass for longer gaming. The monitor also sports the Zero Flicker technology. The technology offers eye comfort and elevates the gaming experience.

At the end, there is the FPS Mode. The FPS mode was co-developed with the gaming legends just to offer fundamental insights of pro gamers. This feature automatically adjusts your monitor calibrations to provide you optimal brightness, contrasts, sharpness and rich colors.

It will be super easy for you to sport the enemies and track their movements. The FPS mode comes with different variations, one of them is the FPS1 mode.

The mode is designed to configure and optimize the display for Counter-Strike 1.6. The other mode which is the FPS2 mode. The mode is recommended for Counter-Strike gaming.

BenQ XL2411Z Pros

The monitor has quite a lot of pros, however just to give you a quick understanding here are the top pros:

  • The blur reduction feature of the BenQ XL2411Z is amazing and believe you me you will not get disappointed.
  • There is no flickering on the monitor.
  • The monitor has the perfect size for desktop gaming also it has an affordable price tag.

BenQ XL2411Z Cons

The BenQ XL2411Z has some cons that we can not ignore, so here we go with our list of all the cons that we have found while our BenQ XL2411Z review session:

  • The monitor does not have a display port.
  • There are no inbuilt speakers and that can make some people sad.

However, you cannot complain much. According to us, the monitor is enough good for desktop gaming, even better than most of the gaming monitors that come with this price segment.

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It has some cons but as we have mentioned it all depends on your needs. Overall the monitor is perfect and if you are planning a purchase then you should.

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